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Zorb Balls, the new entertainment medium that Bubble Ball Entertainment has brought to Africa. This is the ultimate adrenalin rush for all thrill-seekers!

Just visualize the world turning on your head as you are dispatched in the Zorb from the crest of a hill. There’s no turning back!

Climb in, secure your harness and take a deep breath before tumbling at exhilirating speed downhill in one of our specially designed Zorb balls.

After one roll you will rush with adrenaline with this addictive activity.

There are 2 ways to have your experience in the Zorb Ball;

• Run races inside the Ball un- harnessed

• Roll of a hill whilst harnessed inside the Zorb Ball.

So what exactly is a Zorb Ball?
A lightweight sphere made from a soft flexible plastic, the Zorb is constructed with one larger sphere enclosing a smaller one. Between the spheres is a supported air filled layer.

This air cushioning along with the harnessing inside means the Zorb ball can exhilarate at a fast pace whilst running or rolling ensuring the safety of riders.

Races can also be run inside these balls on big and smooth school or other open fields.

While safety can be assured, a once off ticket cannot, definitely addictive and fun for all age groups to enjoy!!

VERY POPULAR at school & sport activities, fund raisers, Launches, church functions, expos, festivals or any other entertainment activities that require something different to keep the crowds well entertained for hours.
zorb ball
zorb balls
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