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Bubble Ball
Ever wanted to walk, run, dive, and roll on water without getting wet?
Now you can do it in Bubble Ball!

Bubble Ball is a great entertainment activity for all seasons that allows healthy fun to have on water without getting wet. The balls and pools used are made of durable materials and onsite supervision is provided with every event booked.

The balls are 2m in diameter and provide sufficient air for the person inside and are insulated by a waterproof zipper.

The balls are rated to handle a weight of 300 Kg, however we recommend 120 Kg to be the maximum weight.

Bubble Ball is also a great physical activity to build up your strength, balance and endurance, as well as being lots of fun. So if good physical activity is what you are looking for the Bubble Ball is just the event for you.

What is the Bubble Ball concept?
Bubble Ball is a large 2 meter in diameter inflatable ball that allows activities on water.

Do I need a pool at home to enjoy Bubble Ball?
No! We have our own inflatable pools that we provide for the event. We only require that you have the space, electricity and water supply to facilitate the 0,6m pool depth setup.

How long can a Bubble ball sustain you?

Depending on your size Bubble Balls have approximately 50 minutes to an hour air supply. We have however found in our experience that the activity is physically exhausting and therefore we find that 5-10 minute intervals inside the balls are the most effective. All ages enjoy the experience and are keen to try again soon thereafter.

Is there an age limit?
Bubble Ball can be enjoyed by all ages. At our events staff is deployed in the water to ensure safety is a priority and to provide assistance with entering and exiting the water.

Is there any danger when entering or exiting the water?

We have a specially built ramp from which our trained assistants guide you into and out of the water. Our inflatable pools have soft edges thus providing extra protection.

How do I get in and out of the Bubble Ball?
Bubble Ball staff will assist you to enter and exit the Ball. They will ensure the zipper is sealed upon entry after the ball has been sufficiently inflated. They also open the balls upon exiting, to allow controlled deflation for you to step out of the ball safely.

Are your events supervised?
Yes! A Bubble Ball supervisor and assistants are always present during the use of the balls at an event. The Balls are transparent enabling a constant watch on the occupants and thereby enhanced safety.

bubble ball
bubble ball
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Bubble Ball