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Body Bouncers
“Body Bouncers”, The Unique and latest entertaining item at Bubble Ball Entertainment.

Body Bouncer is an inflated Ball that you dress yourself with. It has 2 straps that fits snug over your shoulders and 2 handles which you hold on to for the best grip possible.

The Ball consists of a 0.7mm PVC material which is Non Toxic, very flexible and durable.

The Body Bouncer comes in the following size;
1.5m in diameter – for age groups – 10 yrs +

What can we do in the Body Bouncer?
1 person – You can roll down a hill, do front- and back summies and/or just do absolutely anything possible that you can’t normally do without the Ball’s protection around you.

2+ Persons – The same as above, but you can also have a race with you competitor as well as bounce into each other and see that can stay up without falling the longest.

Wrestling competitions are also very popular, where 2 competitors wrestle in a sirkle made out of rope for victory. The first person who falls 3 times outside the lines of the rope looses. The winner get’s to challenge whoever is brave enough!

4+ Persons – The same as the above, but you can also create a ‘mini’ soccer game as the only thing that is not protected from the Ball are the bottom part of your legs, in order to kick a soccer Ball.

Spectators – There to enjoy and laugh at the funny contestants falling around like clowns!!!

“Body Bouncer” sure takes time to get the hang of and be aware that once you’re down, it sure takes a lot of skill to get back up again….

Are you Brave enough???

Where can the “Body Bouncer” be used?
On any lawn, rugby or sports field where the grass is decent and without sharp stones, thorns or any sharp objects that might damage and/or puncture the Balls.

Can our Kids get hurt whilst inside this Ball?
There are 2 straps attached to the Ball, which fits nicely and snug over your shoulders like a ‘rug sack’.

There is also Handles attached to the front of the Ball for you to hold on to, to get a tight grip of the Ball.

The spacing of the Ball is about 15cm above your head, in order to prevent anyone falling on their heads.

A Bubble Ball trained staff member will be on site at all times.

Can a person breath in this Ball?
You are not inside the ball, the ball gets inflated and stays inflated, you basically dress yourself with the ball and all the sides around you are inflated, so you are surrounded by the Ball but not actually inside it.
You breath as normal.

So come on, be BRAVE, strap yourself in, hold on tight and show us just what you are made off!!!!!

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